Medcomtech revenue up 10.7% and new subsidiary in the Dominican Republic

The Vidadecans-based company has patented a mask that allows simultaneous intubation and ventilation with direct vision

[dropcap type=”circle” color=”#ffffff” background=”#4f4f4f”]M[/dropcap]edcomtech, an independent company specialising in the distribution of medical material and instruments for orthopaedics, traumatology and neurosurgery, closed the first semester of 2013 with revenue of 9.68 million euros. This figure shows 10.7% growth from the first semester of 2012, when revenue was 8.74 million euros.

Imatge del Totaltrack VLM, producte patentat per Medcom Flow a nivell mundial
Image of Totaltrack VLM, product patented by Medcom Flow globally

In the first semester of 2013, Medcomtech opened a new subsidiary in the Dominican Republic: MCT República Dominicana S.R.L. This new delegation also addresses strategic changes in the company, which is committed to international growth and positioning among the leading companies marketing healthcare products in new markets.

In 2013, Medcomtech changed strategy, moving towards manufacturing products they have patented with the aim of growing globally by opening new companies. These companies will allow them to obtain technologically advanced solutions in other market niches through alliances with strategic partners.

This year, Medcomtech has created two new companies: Medcom Flow S.A., created in early 2013 to develop, manufacture and market the top technology for anaesthesia systems worldwide, and has patented a laryngeal video-mask that allows simultaneous ventilation and intubation with direct vision using a camera; and Medcom Advance S.A., which addresses the need to create an innovative system to detect the origin of infections through on-the-spot screening for microorganisms without the need for repeated medical tests or administering unnecessary drugs.

Leader in products for orthopaedic surgery and traumatology

Medcomtech is one of the leading firms in marketing products for orthopaedic surgery and traumatology in Spain, with a high level of specialisation in cutting-edge technology. Presided over by Joan Sagalés, the company has been traded on the MAB since March 2010 and has recently created companies Medcom Flow S.A. and Medcom Advance S.A. to manufacture, market and distribute products they have patented, and thus boost international growth. Medcomtech closed 2012 with revenue of 16.7 million euros, up 15.2% from the previous year.

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