ABB devotes week to explaining advantages of automatisation

This multinational corporation employs 500 experts in the sector at their plant in Sant Quirze.

[dropcap type=”circle” color=”#ffffff” background=”#4f4f4f”]D[/dropcap]iscrete automatisation refers to industrial processes manufactured sequentially or in parts. Components are assembled to create the finished product. This system can work well in many industries, like iron and steel, petrochemicals and general manufacturing.

Maquinària d'ABB.
ABB machinery

Sant Quirze del Vallès has been the Catalan centre of the sector these past days. The headquarters of multinational corporation ABB has organized an event called Mobility Week to study the future of automatisation and its importance to the industrial fabric here at home and for companies that products.

Robots clean, cut, handle, package and move boxes of a specific product,” explains the director of the ABB division dedicated to this field in Spain, Marc Segura. “We are looking for ever more global and flexible solutions for companies. People want to replace products frequently, and the machinery you’ve invested in has to be adaptable and be able to manufacture new lines,” he highlights.

According to Segura, ABB is the only company with a range of products and services “that covers the needs of the manufacturing industry.”

For this executive, this type of consumption is the result of market liberalisation and globalisation. And he names pioneers in the field: “Zara was one of the first to be able to detect a trend in New York and, 15 days later, sell it in their shops.”


The week of automatisation brought together more than 500 experts, including executives, technicians, clients, universities and technical schools. All of them learned about the latest ABB has to offer during themed sessions and in 11 exhibition spaces. Here they saw examples like the Automation Builder, for integral automatisation of machines and systems; FlexArc, for arc welding; StampPack for tooling processes; FlexCut for laser cutting; the Sidio Airus system of white light for inspection of metal pieces; and the Jokab Safety range for safety machinery.


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